Children's World of Music

The Children's World of Music is a special awareness class for children aged 3 - 6 years of age. The objective of the course is to introduce children to the worldly aspect of music - the language, vocabulary, instruments, listening, creativity and performance. Music is the perfect tool to improve children's language, movement and social skills at home, school and play. The emphasis is on learning music through fun, while yet being informative and educational.

These awareness classes are excellent preparation for children who intend to take up an instrument. The classes are of 45min duration and are arranged according to age. Each student attends one class per week.
All of these courses develop an understanding of music, movement and co-ordination. Children's World of Music is a holistic approach to child development and fosters learning in music, languages, movement and listening skills.

3 - 4 years (Class Time Wednesday 3:00pm) 45 minute class
Different styles of music are explored including programme music, opera, ballet, jazz, pop/rock and traditional music. Instruments of the orchestra are introduced including the four main sections. The story and the music of the main classical composers are covered e.g. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin etc in term two the emphasis is more on instruments where visiting instrumentalists come to class and children are given the opportunity to explore and experiment with different instruments of the orchestra.

5 - 6 years (Class Time Saturday 10:45am & Tuesday 3:30pm) 45 minute classes
During the first term children are exposed to the layout of the musical score. Aural and visual work are an important part of the class i.e. clapping of rhythms, listening to a short piece of music and answering questions on tempo, dynamics, articulation and timing. Children learn a huge range of music vocabulary and expression. A wealth of songs, rounds are all taught including singing accompanied by percussion instruments. In the second term children are placed into small groups where they receive tuition in violin, piano, keyboard, recorder and guitar.

The school reserves the right to cancel any course or group class because of insufficient enrolment.


"My two daughters aged 3½ and 5 attended the Children’s World of Music classes at Dun Laoghaire School of Music last year. They enjoyed the classes tremendously and loved participating in the Christmas and Summer concerts.The classes have a good balance of singing and playing instruments and real learning of the language of music, all in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. Catherine and her fellow teachers have an obvious enthusiasm for the joy of music and a gift for transmitting it to their young pupils. Both girls are eagerly awaiting the start of the next term of music classes!"        -Niamh O'Connell